Treatment for Children

There is no set age for children to begin an orthodontic treatment, however, it is recommended a visit to your orthodontist around the age of 7.

Orthodontics for Children

What are the benefits of early intervention?

Early intervention usually aims to intercept any developing problems by normalizing the growth environment to allow for improved future growth.
This can reduce the need or simplify any future orthodontic treatment. The benefits for early intervention include harmonious development of jaws, reducing or eliminating the need for extractions, eliminating abnormal tooth wear and reducing the risk of trauma to the front teeth.

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Concerns to look for are:

Finger or thumb sucking

Space between the upper and lower rows of teeth noticeable when your child smiles or bites together


Large overbite and a recessive lower jaw

Congenitally missing teeth

Delayed tooth eruption

Obstructive sleep apnoea

Protrusive front teeth at risk of trauma

Excessive mouth breathing and snoring



Treatments for children.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most widely used type of braces. They are very strong and can withstand most types of treatment.


Expanders are an effective solution if the upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw.

Functional Appliances

Occasionally the upper and lower jaw may not align properly, with the lower jaw being deficient.

Non-extraction Treatment

Treat moderate crowding or protrusion without removing any teeth.


A long-term approach to keep your teeth perfectly straight.


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