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Invisalign employs a series of plastic aligners that are customised to align your teeth in a phased manner.

Unlike braces which are fixed, these aligners are easy to remove when you want to clean or eat, and are comfortable on your teeth. Invisalign treatment allows you to smile in confidence and visualise each stage of the treatment process, from the beginning to the end, giving you a clearer picture of the treatment duration. It is easier to clean your teeth and maintain oral health during treatment with Invisalign.

So if you have an active lifestyle or special occasion coming up, then Invisalign may be the right choice for you.



You can consult our team of orthodontists at Baulkham Hills. After initial consultations and investigations, we move onto the planning stage.


At the planning stage, we develop a fully customised treatment plan that is delivered in a report format that outlines all the relevant information on your treatment requirements.


Once the planning stage is developed and all questions are answered, we will commence your orthodontic treatment. In short, we will start working on your new smile!


We ensure that your new smile is there to stay with you for years to come. Our team works towards giving you a confident and radiant smile that you can be proud of.


No you don’t. All you need to do is brush and floss your teeth as we recommend. You will also need to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth before putting your invisible aligners back into your mouth after eating.
You can whiten your teeth at any time while wearing invisible aligners. Most patients do it however after they have completed their treatment.
It is important that your mouth is healthy before you start treatment. Bleeding gums could indicate gingivitis (gum disease) or even periodontitis which affects the jaw bone holding your teeth in place. That is why we ask if you’ve had a dental check up within 6 months of starting treatment. Alternatively, one of our registered oral hygienists will conduct a dental check in consultation with one our licenced dentists before we take a scan.
Yes. Your case will be reviewed, planned and approved by a licenced dentist or orthodontist who is experienced in invisible aligner treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of time it takes to finish the treatment is based on a lot of factors which include severity of misalignment of teeth and jaws, type of misalignment, bone density, crown and root dimensions, compliance in wearing aligners, elastics and experience of clinician treating the case. If we assume all factors are the same, then the time required to finish treatment will not be very different between clear aligners and braces. While some misalignments of jaws like open bites are easy to treat with clear aligners some misalignments like rotated, impacted teeth, deep bite are difficult to treat and may take a long time with clear aligners. Please speak to your orthodontist to best find out what will be the best and most efficient treatment option for you.

Clear Aligners (Invisalign) are used to move the teeth sequentially into their final positions. The aligners are changed every 7-10 days and are replaced with a new aligner. The severity of misalignment of teeth and jaws treatment will influence the number of aligners required and the cost of treatment. A typical orthodontic treatment takes about 18-24 months and the treatment fees for fixed braces (Metal) ranges from $6500-8500. If you select ceramic braces or clear braces there may be an additional cost of $500-1000. Invisalign has been a market leader in this segment for many years but since the last few years many new aligner systems have arrived. Clear aligners for a similar duration of treatment may cost between $6500-9000. Please speak to your orthodontist about which treatment may be most appropriate and which aligner system will suit your needs.

Clear aligners (Invisalign) are custom made, removable plates that are barely noticeable. They do not interfere in your social life, there is freedom to eat or drink whatever you like, and you can brush and floss very easily. But

There are some disadvantages of Invisalign that you need to consider before starting with a Clear Aligner (Invisalign) treatment:

  1. Clear aligners must be removed before eating and drinking anything apart from water. You may have to remove your retainers carefully and place them in the retainer box to ensure you do not break them or lose them. Before placing the aligners back, you may consider brushing your teeth and rinsing the aligners before placing them back in the mouth.
  2. Clear aligners require strict compliance from the patient and require at least 22 hours per day wear, therefore if you are not disciplined you may either not achieve the desired outcome or your treatment duration will be long.
  3. Clear aligners (Invisalign) involve additional cost for fabrication therefore may cost you more if compared to similar treatment with traditional braces.
  4. Some misalignments like rotated, impacted teeth, deep bite are difficult to treat and may take a long time with clear aligners.
  5. If the teeth and gums are healthy and your orthodontist is ready to start your treatment, braces can be placed in some cases on the same day. Clear Aligners (Invisalign) require an Orthodontist to submit your case first and work with the technician overseas to set up your case this in most instances may cause a lag in the initial phase of a few weeks before your treatment can be started.

Please speak to your orthodontist to best find out what will be the best and most efficient treatment option for you.


  • Invisalign aligners are barely noticeable and you don’t have to hide your smile during treatment
  • It allows you the freedom to celebrate and carry on with your lifestyle with confidence
  • You have the freedom to eat, chew or drink whatever you like
  • Invisalign is ideal for the busy person as you only need to visit your doctor every 6-8 weeks
  • It’s difficult to clean with braces, however Invisalign oral hygiene is a lot easier to upkeep because Invisalign clear aligners are removable, letting you brush and floss your teeth regularly


We are a certified Invisalign and Invisalign teen provider.

It can be quite disheartening for children and teenagers to get braces, especially when you are at school, sports, or hanging out with your friends; getting metal braces may be the last thing you want to think about. The great news is that you don’t need to stress because Invisalign Teen is the answer! You won’t need to hide out in your room for the next two years!

Invisalign Teen lets you straighten your teeth without metal wires and brackets getting in the way. Your friends probably won’t even know you’re wearing them. With braces, you aren’t allowed to eat certain foods like popcorn and whole apples, however, with Invisalign Teen, the aligners are completely removable and you can eat all of your favourite foods whenever you want, which also means you can easily brush and floss your teeth for proper oral hygiene.

Invisalign aligners fit in with any of your extracurricular activities. If you’re swimming the 50-meter race or playing footy, or playing an instrument with the school band, you don’t have to worry about your braces getting in the way!

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At Fox Orthodontics we are dedicated to providing the ideal treatment for you in an affordable manner. For your convenience, we accept payments in cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS and direct debit.




  • 1.
    Initially, we will collect your records that include photos, X-rays, and a dental impression to help develop your treatment plan
  • 2.
    Invisalign will then use these records, along with the treatment prescribed by us to create a customised 3D treatment plan just for you
  • 3.
    The customised aligners will then be manufactured and shipped to our office
  • 4.
    We will give you a series of custom-made aligners (typically 3-4 sets at a time) for you to wear everyday and change them at home every 2 weeks
  • 5.
    You’ll be visiting us approximately every 6-8 weeks to monitor the progress of your treatment and receive the next series of aligners
  • 6.
    After you’ve finished your Invisalign aligner treatment, you may need to use retainers to help make sure the new position of your teeth is maintained.

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