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From the treatment and service, through to the practice and price, you will feel confident knowing you have chosen the right orthodontic practice.

Align Technology developed Invisalign in 1999 and it’s acted as an alternative to braces ever since. All Fox Orthodontic specialists are trained and certified by Invisalign to perform orthodontic procedures involving the Invisalign system in Sydney Australia.

Financial constraints should not inhibit your ability to achieve the orthodontic treatment you desire. At Fox Orthodontics, we understand this and we offer a range of flexible interest free payment plans through ‘Denticare’ to allow you to pay for the service as it is delivered over time. Typically, there is a small initial deposit required at the start of treatment and the balance is paid in monthly instalments during the course of your treatment. Each tailored payment plan is managed by DentiCare direct debit services for your convenience.

Fox Orthodontics has remained family owned for 35 years and continues to maintain its family approach to its customers and the community. Unlike large chains and franchises, we are independent and unbiased to products, which means we’ll provide the best advise appropriate to our customer’s needs.

As we are a specialist clinic providing specialist care and treatment for our patients, we are not able to process your health insurance rebates at our practice. We can however provide you with a payment receipt which you can lodge with your health insurer to receive your rebate directly back from your health insurer. We are more than happy to provide you with a statement of your payment if required.

At Fox Orthodontics we value your loyalty, therefore we have a courtesy discount policy in place for treatment of multiple family members.
We also provide a discount when paying in full at the start of your orthodontic treatment. Please contact us about our family discounts.
The “No Gap” policy means that if your private Health Insurance pays a benefit for your orthodontic consultation, we will not charge you the “Gap” amount – that is, the difference between the cost of your treatment and the insurance rebate received.
The No Gaps Policy extends to patients who
1. are covered for orthodontic consultation on the day of the treatment
2. have a current, valid health fund card with you on the day
3. have not exceeded your fund’s benefit limit for the current period, and thus a full benefit is received for your consultation
If any of the above conditions are NOT met, you will be required to pay for your consultation in full on the day of treatment.

There are multiple options available to either fixing or straightening teeth, from braces to clear aligners. However everyone’s teeth are different and require customised treatments in order to ensure the best result. We provide you the right advice on your customised treatment, and throughout the life span of your dental requirements.


Can I use my health fund to
cover my orthodontics?

Every health fund is different and inclusions may or may not include Orthodontics. It is wise to reach out to your health fund provider and understand what they will cover you for. However as a guideline most health funds will pay an initial lump sum, then a maximum amount every calendar or financial year. In order to maximize your insurance benefits, you must ask the following five questions from your insurance company.
  1. What is the total lifetime amount cover?
  2. What is the waiting period for orthodontic cover?
  3. How much is the maximum benefit payable per year?
  4. How many years will the benefit be paid?
  5. Will it be based on calendar year or financial year?
Some health funds will need a minimum 12 month commitment before you are eligible to make a claim for the lump sum payout to cover the orthodontic fitment. Orthodontic records, taken, prior to fitting new appliances can be partly claimed back from your health fund. This applies to both basic and major dental cover plans.

Private Health Insurers

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