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The Hills' longest established orthodontic practice.

Fox Orthodontics is a family run practice established over 35 years ago. We have been straightening smiles for many years and we continue to provide specialist orthodontic treatment to our patients.

Our orthodontics clinic is conveniently located in Baulkham Hills, and provide specialist orthodontics to Norwest, Hills District, Castle Hill, Parramatta, Kellyville, Blacktown, Orange & Bathurst.

Start your journey to a new smile, from $50/Week.

Flexible, Interest-Free Payment Plans


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Unlike the big orthodontic practices in Norwest & the hills where the Orthodontist is mainly a supervisor and most of the work is done by dental hygienists, here at Fox Orthodontics our Specialist Orthodontists themselves will perform all your treatments.


Some of our amazing



Meet our Specialist Orthodontist in Norwest & the Hills.

Dr Rajiv Ahuja.

BDS, DClinDent (Ortho), MRACDS (Ortho), FRACDS

Dr. Rajiv Ahuja, our leading Norwest & Hills District orthodontist, has a core philosophy of providing quality orthodontic services in a friendly, personalised environment. Dr. Rajiv Ahuja worked as a dentist for over 10 years where he gained experience in all aspects of dentistry. His knowledge of orthodontics and close attention to detail allows him to offer the finest and most comprehensive treatments that include self ligating brackets, lingual appliances, Invisalign, temporary anchorage devices, combined orthodontic work for full mouth restoration, and implant placement.


Our individualised approach to a confident smile.


The Fox Difference

Certified Provider

Our specialist orthodontist is a certified Invisalign provider.

State of the Art Clinic

Featuring 3D Intraoral Scans and 3D X-Rays.

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer a range of flexible, interest-free payment plans.

Family Owned

We're a family owned practice for over 35 years.


We also offer family and full-payment discounts.

Customised Treatment

All our treatments are tailored to suit your needs.


A trusted choice for over
35 Years.

The team at Fox Orthodontics has been straightening smiles for many years and continue to provide specialist orthodontic treatment to our patients. Dr. Rajiv Ahuja, our leading Norwest & Hills District orthodontist, has a core philosophy of providing quality orthodontic services in a friendly, personalised environment.

Start your journey to a new smile, from $50/Week.

Flexible, Interest-Free Payment Plans


We're renowned within
our field.

Dr. Rajiv Ahuja believes in life-long learning and is a certified Incognito, Invisalign and a Suresmile provider. He is dedicated to continuing his professional education to keep up to date on the latest innovations in orthodontics.

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Fox Orthodontics is a family run practice that was established over 30 years ago. We are conveniently located in Baulkham Hills.

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493 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills,
NSW -2153 Directions


Orthodontists are dentists who undergo 3 years of full-time specialist training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws. They are experts in the field of facial growth and dental development and the specialist training gives them the skills required to manage tooth movement (orthodontics) and guide facial development (dentofacial orthopaedics). Orthodontists limit their scope of work to orthodontics only and dedicate their professional lives to create healthy beautiful smiles for children, teens, and adults. Orthodontists use a variety of “appliances,” including traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, clear aligner trays and retainers, to move teeth or hold them in their new positions.
With their specialist training, skills and experience orthodontists are uniquely placed to offer a variety of appliances to correct the misalignment of teeth and jaws and a lot of orthodontists now offer Clear Aligners as part of an Orthodontic treatment plan nowadays. An orthodontist will be able to best guide you to the appliance that will be best suited in your case. While traditionally fixed braces have been used for correction of the misaligned teeth and jaws there has been increased uptake in the recent years in the number of patients getting Clear Aligners(Invisalign, Clear correct, Spark etc) for correcting the misalignment of teeth and jaws. Clear aligners are custom made, removable plates that are barely noticeable. Clear aligners do not interfere in your social life, there is freedom to eat or drink whatever you like, and you can brush and floss very easily
There is no set age for children to begin an orthodontic treatment, however, it is recommended a visit to your orthodontist around the age of 7. At this stage of their life, the child has a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth that makes it easier for your orthodontist to diagnose and correct any tooth or jaw problems sooner and without surgery. Seeking orthodontic treatment for your child may help prevent more serious problems from developing and reduce the complexity or cost of treatments later in life. Early intervention usually aims to intercept any developing problems by normalizing the growth environment to allow for improved future growth. This can reduce the need or simplify any future orthodontic treatment. The benefits for early intervention include harmonious development of jaws, reducing or eliminating the need for extractions, eliminating abnormal tooth wear, and reducing the risk of trauma to the front teeth.
Loose Teeth If your teeth begin feeling a little loose, don’t worry; this is normal! Your braces must first loosen your teeth to move them into the right position. Once your teeth have been repositioned, they will no longer be loose. Loose Wires and Bands It is very important to try and avoid any kind of emergency, however, we do understand that there may be times when this will occur. Please keep in mind that breakages of your appliances in most cases occur when the wrong foods are eaten. These include hard, chewy, crunchy, or sticky foods as well as chewing on hard items like pens, ice, pencils or fingernails. When the wires and bands on your braces come loose please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check and repair your appliance. You can temporarily fix the loose wire by using the back of a spoon or the eraser end of a pencil to carefully and gently push the wire back into place. If the loose wire is causing irritation to your lips or cheeks, put wax or a wet cotton ball over the broken wire to relieve the pain.

In general, it does not hurt. However, while inserting the braces or making a major adjustment during the treatment, certain teeth may be sensitive and may cause a mild headache. You can use light analgesics to solve this problem. It is also not uncommon for your lips, cheeks, and tongue to become irritated for one to two weeks as they toughen and become used to the braces. We would be happy to give you some wax that you can put over the braces to lessen the tenderness. If you need some wax, please let us know.

Avoid eating foods that are hard, chewy, crunchy or sticky. Avoiding these foods is important as it can cause you to break wires or brackets. This is not only painful, but it can prolong your actual treatment, which means having your braces for a longer period of time.

Do not eat the following: Caramel or gooey chocolate bars, nuts, gum, popcorn, chewy or hard lollies, very sticky or chunky peanut butter, minties, toffees, or hard muesli bars.

Foods that can be eaten with caution include apples and carrots if they are cut into small pieces, chewy bread like bagels need to be torn into small pieces, corn on the cob (cut corn off the cob) and chips (eat them one at a time).

It is also important to avoid chewing on hard items like pens, ice, pencils or fingernails.

Age is no barrier to consider orthodontics as an option. Agreed, a majority of the orthodontic patients are children and adolescents. Yet statistics indicate that nearly 25 percent of the orthodontic patients are adults. Adults aged between 40 and 70 have regularly availed themselves of an orthodontic treatment.

It’s not necessary. In many cases dentists recommend orthodontic treatment to their patients. There are however, many who directly approach us to benefit from orthodontics.

Yes, you can. The discomfort is only for the initial period and will not prevent you from resuming with your day-to-day activities.

We have to clinically examine you before determining at a precise treatment plan. Only then can we determine the cost. We will do this when you meet us for the first time at the consultation visit. We will offer you a variety of payment plans and financing options. For your convenience, we accept payments in cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS and direct debit. For more details refer to the payments section below.

  • Always remember to brush your teeth after each meal
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Avoid foods that are sticky, chewy or hard
  • Clean your retainer by brushing it gently with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also soak your retainer in a denture cleaner as instructed by our orthodontist. Remember to never put your retainer in boiling water or the dishwasher


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